E-Way Bill to facilitate online commerce

e-way bill to facilitate online commerce

The E-Way Bill is an electronically generated document that has been made mandatory for the transport of goods under the GST regime. The Bill is required to be generated for both intrastate and interstate transportation of goods. According to the government, this Bill will facilitate trade and industry as it will make the transport of goods smoother and hassle-free.

This has come as a boon for the online shoppers who had to wait for days on end to get their products delivered. However, with the introduction of the Digital e Way Bill, the customers who shop online can surely expect a shorter delivery time as the Bill negates the necessity of goods carriers to visit any tax office or check posts for permits.

It is estimated that getting the various permits for inter-state and intra-state transport of goods contribute to about 16% of the total time required for making an online delivery. Thus, online shoppers would not have to wait for a lesser period to get their goods delivered.

The government has also said that till the middle of May 4,15,00,000 e Way Bills have been generated and this includes more than 1 crore Bills for the intra-state transportation of goods.

The e-Way Bill is believed to be a massive anti-evasion measure and that it will generally augment the revenue collection ability of the government. A GST inspector can ask a transporter of goods worth more than Rs 50,000 to present the e Way Bill. This will help to formalize those businesses that are now made on the basis of cash.

June 3rd was the last date for the implementation of the intra-state e-Way Bill all over the country. It has been done and the first day has passed without any major problems getting reported.

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