E-Way Bill to be introduced in Punjab on the 1st of June

Punjab e-Way bill

It has come to light that e-Way bill system for the intra-state movement of goods will finally be introduced in Punjab on the 1st of June.

E Way Bill

The electonic Way Bill is one of the most important by-products of the Goods and Services Tax regime that was introduced in our country in July 2017. This Bill is an electronically generated document that is required for the transport of some specific consignment or for the movement of goods from one place to another. The goods should be valued at more than Rs 50,000 while consignors or consignees need to generate e-Way bill for both inter-state and intra-state transport of goods.

Generating the Bill for the inter-state transport of goods was made mandatory from the 1st of April. However, for intra-state transport of goods, a phased roll-out of the e Way bill system will begin from the 1st of April. Some states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Gujarat and others were amongst the first to adopt this system.

What is happening in Punjab?

Punjab had initially passed a notification dated March 29, 2018 that had delayed the implementation of the intra-state Electronic Way Bill system. However, according to a recent letter issued on the 18th of May by the Additional Excise and Taxation Commissioner 1 of Punjab, the e way Bill Portal can be used to generate e-Way bills on a trial basis for the intra-state movement of goods in Punjab. The letter also requests all stakeholders to generate such Bills from the portal on a trial basis so that they get well-versed with system before the actual implementation happens on the 1st of June.

Earlier concerns

Traders and business community had initially been asked to generate e-way bills from the 1st of February, But, they expressed serious concerns and also complained about the technical glitches that the portal was experiencing. After considering these complaints, the Central Government delayed the date of implementation of the billing system by two months for the inter-state transport of goods. It was then notified by the government that after the system is adopted by all, people will have to generate the electronic document for intra-state transportation of goods as well.

Persisting problems

Even after so many months of GST getting implemented, there are still traders and businessmen who still are unaware as to how an electronic Way Bill works. These people are still relying on accountants and other specialists to get their job done.

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