enTransact.com helps you avoid mistakes in your e-Way Bill

enTransact helps you avoid mistakes in your e-Way Bill

The e-Way Bill is an electronically generated document/bill that is mandatory to be carried while transporting goods worth more than Rs 50,000 from one place to another. This bill is to be generated irrespective of the fact that whether the goods are being transported from one state to another or within the same state.
It is the prerogative of the consignor or the consignee to generate the e-Way bill. However, if neither of them does so, the responsibility of generating the bill falls on the transporter.

What information do we need to provide?
The e-Way Bill has two components – Part A and Part B. In Part A, the details of the GSTIN of recipient, the place of delivery (Pin Code), value of goods, HSN code, transport document number (Goods Receipt Number or Railway Receipt Number or Airway Bill Number or Bill of Lading Number), invoice or challan number with date as well as the reasons of transportation.
The Part B of the e-Way Bill requires the details of the transporter like the vehicle number.

What if I enter incorrect details?
However, mistakes can happen advertently or inadvertently while filling in the details and generating the e-Way bill. However, the GST system has been calibrated in such a way that once the bill is generated, it cannot be modified or edited thereafter. The bill can not be deleted or corrected once it has been generated.
The only option left for the supplier or recipient of goods is to generate a new e-Way bill. There is, however, a provision for cancelling a e-Way bill.

What are the regulations guiding cancellation of e-Way bill?
The E-way bill can be cancelled only if:
a) Goods are not transported or
b) Goods are transported but not as per the details entered in the e-way bill
A generated e-Way bill has to be cancelled within 24 hours of its generation and the person who had generated it is only capable of cancelling it. The concerned person has to log on the e-way bill portal, select the cancel option from drop down and enter the e-Way bill numbers that need to be cancelled.
However, if the e-Way bill has been already examined and verified by the empowered officer in transit, the bill cannot be cancelled at any cost.

The Part-B of the E-Way Bill
The Part B of the e-Way Bill can only be filled after proper and correct details have been filled in Part A and duly submitted. If the consignor or the consignee does not know the vehicle number, he/she should leave it blank and the details will have to be filled by the transporter.
If the transporter changes the vehicle before the movement of goods or during transit due to breakdown or transshipment, the details in Part-B has to be modified so that the correct details are reflected.
So, you can see that it is fairly a complicated process to fill in a e-Way Bill. This is a new concept and the chances of making a mistake are paramount. So, to get rid of all your e-Way bill related problems, you can log on to enTransact.com. We understand that how important it is for your business to make sure that goods are delivered on time. This holds true for both the supplier as well as the recipient of goods. So, a wrong entry in the e-Way Bill may cause the concerned person to undergo unnecessary harassment and may also lead to losses in business.

How can enTransact help?
EnTransact is a platform that is tailor-made to support the critical aspects of your business. With features like high performance, unparalleled support SLAs, instant notifications, multi-location processing and others, this platform is sure to make e-Way Bill generation a breeze for you. The accurate invoicing feature is the flagship feature and it helps to understand the prominent issues revolving around compliance with e-way billing rules which validate and verify GSTINs, HSNs and tax rates.
To take the benefit of this platform, all you need to do is log on to www.entransact.com and fill in your e-mail I.D., GSTIN, the no of invoices and a few other simple details and you will be able to create your own free account.
The platform has quite a few lucrative deals small and medium-sized enterprises and for medium and large businesses as well.

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