FICO says that intra-state e-Way Bill will add to chaos

FICO says that intra-state e-Way Bill will add to chaos

The e-Way Bill, perhaps the most important constituent of the GST regime, is an electronically generated document that is to be carried while transporting goods from one place to another. The goods should be valued at more than Rs 50,000 and the document is required for both intrastate and interstate transportation of goods.

The e Way Bill has been touted as a massive anti-evasion measure that would help the government to raise more revenue by bringing in traders and businessmen who deal in cash into the formal economy.

Traders and businessmen were initially apprehensive of the new system that will govern the process by which goods will be transported across the country. They had several concerns regarding the functioning of the e Way Bill. Tax officials, keeping these factors in mind, have taken a lenient stand and have not enforced regulations strictly so as to allow traders and transporters to get used to the system.

The intra-state Digital e Way Bill is being implemented in phases from the 15th of April and June 3rd is the date on which every state and Union Territory of the country will have implemented the intra-state system.
However, some voices of dissent continue to express themselves.

Rajeev Jain, the secretary of the Federation of Industrial and Commercial Organisation (FICO), said,
“This will add to chaos. The industry is yet to get over from the complexities of the Goods and Services Tax. Now, implementation of the e-way bill will only create more complications for transactions within the city limits (up to few km).”

He also said,
“At least billing within the city boundary should be exempted as it will add to chaos and create problems.”
The president of FICO, Gurmeet Kular, said,
“To the best of our knowledge, we must know that e way bills will be mandatory even if stock over Rs 50,000 is being transported within the city limits. It means more document work has to be done.”

He also said,
“Not all are educated enough to generate bills from computers. Many traders/industrialists will have to hire professionals to do the needful. It will be additional financial burden on them. The e-way bill should be postponed at least till April 1, 2019.”

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