June 3rd will see the country-wide implementation of the intra-state e-Way Bill system

country wide implementation of the intra-state e Way Bill system

It has been clarified that it will be mandatory to generate e-Way bills for the transportation of goods within any state of the country from the 3rd of June.

What is e Way Bill?

The electronic Way bill is one of the major components of the GST regime that has been put in place in our country. It is an electronically generated document that is required for the transport of goods worth more than Rs 50,000. This document is required for both intra and inter-state transport of goods. It is one of the ways by which the government plans to check the corrupt practices in the logistics and transport sector which causes the government to lose revenue. The e-Way Bill system will also help to increase the government’s tax revenue by targeting those businesses that currently transact with cash.
The system for the inter-state transportation of goods was introduced on the 1st of April while the system for the intra-state transportation of goods was initiated in a phase-wise manner from the 15th of April.

What is the status?

Till now, about 20 states/Union Territories have implemented the intra-state e Way Bill system including states like Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka and others.

However, it has been informed to officers in the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs(CBIC) by Chairperson Vanaja Sarna that intra-state movement of goods will be administered across the country by the 3rd of June,2018.

Sarna also wrote,
“Hence, I would reiterate that the Chief Commissioners of the remaining zones should co-ordinate with the state authority and get the requisite notification issued as early as possible. Also, steps may be taken to publicize the date of its roll out along with exemptions provided.”
It has also been divulged by Sarna that the electronic Way Bill system is functioning smoothly, and that more than 4.5 crore bills have been generated since the implementation of the system on the 1st of April 2018.

States like Punjab and Goa will be implementing the intra-state electronic Way Bill from the 1st of June while Maharashtra will be doing it on the 31st of May. Furthermore, for union territories will have to generate e way bills and Lakshadweep and Chandigarh are implementing the process on the 25th of May.

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