Micro industries demand exemptions from e-Way Bill

Micro industries demand exemptions from e-Way Bill

The first day of the implementation of the intra-state e-Way Bill went off smoothly and no major issues were reported by the industry. The Electronic Way bill is a document that has been made mandatory for the transport of goods (both intra-state and inter-state).

Vanitha Mohan, the president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore said that the movement of goods occurred without any major problems. She maintained that the exemptions provided by the government have played a major role in this regard. However, she sounded a note of caution by saying,

“We need to wait and watch. There might be rough edges. But those can be sorted out.”

The president of the Coimbatore and Tirupur District Micro and Tiny Enterprises Association, S. Ravikumar, said that transportation of all materials required an E Way Bill now. He expressed dissatisfaction as the government had only given an exemption for movement of goods worth Rs 1 lakh and not till the 1.5 lakh that they had demanded.

The government had provided exemptions to textile goods sent for job work from the Bill. The micro industries demand that a similar exemption should be provided to engineering goods sent for job work. Other demands from this industry include scrapping the Digital e-Way Bill for transportation within a 30-km radius and further clarification from the government on certain issues.

Among the issues that need clarification is whether the job working unit will have to provide a bill only for the labour cost. This is because if an industry is sending goods worth Rs 1.5 lakh for job work, it will have to generate an e Way Bill. However, the cost of the job work will be very less as it is only the labour cost.

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