NVCC demands scrapping of e-Way Bill for intra-district movement of goods

nvcc demands scrapping of e way bill for intra district movement of goods

The Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) is an influential trade association and apex body of traders that belong to the Vidarbha region. The NVCC feels that the rules governing the intra-state e-Way bill are inconsistent in comparison to other neighbouring states. They want the government to do away with the requirement of generating a Digital e Way Bill for moving goods within the same district. The NVCC has also made representations to the Maharashtra Chief Minister as well as to the Finance Minister in this regard.

According to Hemant Gandhi, the President of NVCC, the GST was introduced to systematize and bring structural changes to the previous system of indirect taxation in our country. The government had portrayed the GST to be a unifying factor for the country and raised slogans like “One Nation, One Market” and “One Country, One Tax”.

However, according to Mr. Gandhi, different rules for the intra-state movement of goods have been drafted for different states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar and this defeats the purpose of GST. Furthermore, it has led to more discontent amongst the trading community in Maharashtra.

The discontent in Maharashtra stems from the fact that other states have taken concrete measures to alleviate the problems of traders and transporters. For example, in Madhya Pradesh, a person does not have to generate e Way Bill for intra-district movement of goods; in Gujarat, Electronic Way Bills are not required for intra-city movement of goods and in Bihar, the Bill is not required to be generated for intra-state movement of goods valuing up to Rs 2,00,000. Mr. Gandhi fears that such disparity in procedure laws under GST can lead to businesses moving out of Maharashtra to other tax-friendly states.

The parting shot was provided by Sanjay K Agrawal, the Secretary of NVCC, who said that in Maharashtra, e Way bills have to be generated even for moving goods next door. This creates confusion and can serve as the breeding ground for widespread corruption.

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