Rajasthan generates more than 1 lakh e-Way Bills for the first time

Rajasthan generates more than 1 lakh e-Way Bills for the first time

Mostly effectuated by the intra-state transport of goods, more than one lakh e-Way Bills have been generated in Rajasthan for the first time. In Rajasthan, the inter-state e-Way Bill system was implemented on the 1st of April while the intra-state Bill had been introduced on the 20th of May.

According to Alok Gupta, secretary, commercial taxes,

“Out of the total 1.02 lakh bills, intra-state contributed 56,000, while the rest came from interstate.”

He also commented on the ease of traders and transporters who use the system and said,

“Now, the system is operating smoothly as the number of clarifications sought by the dealers and transporters has come down significantly.”

The industry in the state, however, demands that there is a requirement for relaxation of rules for transporting goods within municipalities.

Suresh Agarwal, president of the Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industry has said,

“We now have to generate bills even to move goods within the Municipal limits. Mentioning HSN code for every item in the containers is very time-consuming. We have met the commissioner of commercial taxes on Wednesday for relaxing the norms for goods transported within a municipal.”

The e-Way bill is an electronically generated document that is required for the transport of goods worth more than Rs 50,000 from one place to another. This document is required for both inter-state as well as intra-state transportation of goods. The implementation of e-Way Bill was subject to criticism from a few quarters in the initial stages. This was because the traders were apprehensive of the fallouts of the new tax regime. However, the scenario has changed as a large number of traders have become accustomed to the system and have started generating e-Way Bills effortlessly.

The Electronic Way Bill is one of the most important mechanisms for preventing tax evasion that was widespread under the previous tax regime.

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