Why should you trust enTransact to take care of your e-Way Bills?

Why should you trust enTransact

The GST or the Goods and Services Tax is a Value Added Tax that is supposed to be a comprehensive indirect tax that will be imposed on the manufacture, sale and consumption of goods at the national level. It plans to impose a uniform tax regime throughout the country by replacing all the indirect taxes that used to be levied on goods and services by the governments at the states and at the Centre in India.
The GST system has come up with the e-Way bill to ensure seamless transportation of goods across the country. The e-Way bill is an Electronic Way Bill that is to be generated electronically by the consigner or consignee for the transport of goods which are valued at more than Rs 50,000. This e-Way Bill is necessary for both intra-state and inter-state transportation of products.
However, being a relatively new concept, traders, manufacturers and users often face a lot of problems while generating the online e-Way Bill.
Some of the common questions that users pose while generating the Bill are:

  • There can be instances where multiple invoices are generated by the same customer and the goods against the invoices are to be delivered via the same vehicle. The question that the consigner/consignee may ask is whether a single or multiple E-way bills are to be generated or not?
  • Is it possible to club multiple invoices to generate a single e-Way bill?
  • How to generate the e-Way bill if goods of one invoice are transported via different vehicles simultaneously?
  • How to determine that value of the goods to be ferried in case of goods removed other than that of supply i.e. sample issues, warranty removals, intra-state stock transfers and others?
  • Does a person need to generate e-Way bill even if goods are moved as a courier?

These are some of the pertinent questions that a supplier, recipient or the transporter of goods may need answers to while generating a e-Way Bill.

If you are a manufacturer, trader or a transporter in need of transporting goods, look no further than the enTransact website.

The NIC or National Informatics Portal is the government’s portal that can be used to generate e-Way Bills. However, due to high volume of transactions, this website suffers some technical challenges sometimes. It is often that large enterprises find it difficult to extract data in the NIC-expected format from an ERP. There are also instances of the NIC’s offline utility failing if a single invoice contains more than 250-line items. There are other problems as well.
This is where enTransact comes in. With cutting-edge software and unrivalled features, enTransact will surely cater to all your e-Way Bill related requirements.
To address the problem faced by large businesses, enTransact integrates with all standard ERP systems for real-time synchronization with NIC e-way bill API. This will help the organizations to shift from tedious manual labour to a simplified automated system.

Other benefits of using enTransact are:

  • Generation of e-way bills in bulk and the option to enter manually
  • Workflow to collaborate with transporters and consignees
  • Real tracking of shipment status across the country
  • Permanent storage of e-way bills and invoices
  • Tax rates and HSN codes for respective goods are automatically identified
  • Generation of consolidated E-Way bill
  • Electronic E-invoicing
  • Collaborating with consignee and transporter

So what are you waiting for? Log in to www. enTransact.com to avail these benefits and make your business run smooth.

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