West Bengal to finally roll out intra-state e-Way Bill on June 3

West Bengal to finally roll out intra-state e-Way Bill

After months of deliberations and encountering various problems, West Bengal is ready to introduce the intra-state e-Way Bill for the movement of goods on the 3rd of June. According to a senior official in the revenue department, the state will raise about 30-40 percent more revenue after the implementation of the Digital e Way Bill.

The Electronic Way Bill for inter-state transport of goods had already increased the state’s revenue collection by almost 15%.

Previous problems

The e Way bill is an electronically generated bill that is produced for transporting goods worth more than Rs 50,000 from one place to another. It is mandatory to generate e-Way Bill for both intra-state as well as interstate transportation of goods.
According to Adesh Kumar, the Additional Commissioner and PRO, Commercial Taxes said on the sidelines of a seminar on GST,
“There were initially a few technical hurdles and that is why we deferred the rollout of intra-state e-Way Bill for transport of goods. We will roll it out on June 3.”

He also said that about 64,000 entities have registered themselves for the generation of intra-state e-Way Bills for transport of goods. The State has also generated approximately 12 lakh intra-state e-Way Bills for goods moving out of the state till date.

West Bengal had earlier complained about the hasty implementation of GST and e-Way Bill and had also pointed out the difficulties in implementing it.

Things are gradually getting settled

Trade bodies in West Bengal had earlier complained about the entry of ‘unrecorded’ goods and there were also issues with the merger of multiple invoices into a single e-Way Bill and also with the treatment of intra-state movement of goods through designated corridors and others.

However, by Kumar’s own admission, the number of complaints in this regard have significantly come down since Electronic Way Bill was introduced in April. Kumar also believes that the remaining problems will be sorted out once the intra-state e-Way Bill for transport of goods is rolled out.
Kumar said,

“Trade was suffering as goods were coming in unrecorded, which was impacting the prices of local products. Now with e-way bills that has been addressed to a great extent.”

West Bengal has seen the number of registered entities under GST grow to nearly 6.5 lakh as compared to only 2.7 lakh under the previous tax regime.

This helped West Bengal to register surplus revenue in State GST collections for the March 2018. This is a unique achievement as the country as a whole registered an SGST deficit of 17.9 percent for the same period.
West Bengal has transformed itself from having a revenue deficit of 33.4 percent in August 2017 to having surplus revenue collection by March 2018.

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