Workshop on e-Way Bill in Dimapur

Workshop on e-Way Bill in Dimapur

The e-Way Bill is arguably the most important by-product of the GST regime. This is an electronically generated document that is mandatory to be generated for the purpose of transportation of goods from one place to another. The valuation of the goods should be more than Rs 50,000. In addition, this document is required for both inter-state and intra-state transportation of goods.

The implementation of the Electronic Way Bill has received both praise and criticism. However, different states are gearing up for the implementation of the bill. It has been reported that with the e Way Bill becoming compulsory from the 1st of June, the CII Nagaland Branch is planning to organize a workshop on the Digital e-Way Bill at Dimapur on the 23rd of June. The workshop is aimed at providing a clearer picture of the value of goods that are being transported. This will help to bring all informal transactions within the scope of the formal economy.

Electronic Way Bill to help transport officials in Delhi

In Delhi, it is learnt that no overloaded vehicle will be allowed to ply on the new Eastern Peripheral Expressway(EPE) from the 15th of June. However, Delhi Police has expressed their concern that if overloaded vehicles are not allowed to use the expressway, the vehicles will pass through Delhi.

However, the e Way Bill will ensure that this does not take place.

According to SP Singh of IFTRT, a Delhi-based think-tank on transport issues, said,

“As per the Motor Vehicles Act, only transport department officials and not traffic police are empowered to penalise overloaded vehicles. Now with the e-way bill in place, the enforcement agencies can easily identify which vehicle is destined for Delhi and can stop the ones from entering the national capital, which are not destined for the city.”

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