Win with seamless digital catalogs,
pricing agreements, orders and fulfillment. Efficiencies lead to reduction in field sales
and paper processing requirement.

Outdo your competitors and delight your partners with integrated B2B distribution system.

Expand business with automated operations, seamless partner engagement and assured
business transactions.

Smart Product Management

Smart B2B Catalogs to showcase specific products, customized prices and discounts to each partner or a group of partners.


Digitize and automate orders, approvals, invoices and document exchange

Prebuilt Integrations

Automate end to end and benefit with prebuilt integrations for all standard ERP systems.


Reduce inventory pileup by giving yourself
ability to place in time orders.
Complete automation of purchase processes. Ensure accountability, audit trails and compliance.

Make your business purchases as efficient and easy as consumer shopping.

Streamline purchase process,
increase options, achieve visibility
and improve performance.

Pre-Approved Price Lists

Process pre-approved vendors price-lists by supply items for hassle free ordering. Select multiple vendors and receive seasonal discounts and offers.

Pre-Qualified Vendors

Select and manage multiple vendors per each category of purchase items on the portal to send request for quotes and receive.

Automated Orders

Achieve better transparency and procurement visibility with improved control and security and collaborative processing.


Stay informed by your suppliers and
keep your customers informed
with offers and newer offerings.
Gain with seamless information exchange
in real time and happier relationships.

Build a friction-less distribution network to simplify your B2B trade.

Transform your traditional distribution channel for paper-less collaboration
and informed decision making.

Information Exchange

Keep customers informed with new offerings, deals, product discontinuation, and stock levels for seamless ordering.

Collaborative Actions

Real time actions seamlessly exchanged between business partners ensuring transparent business.

Reconcilable and Auditable

Make all the transactions reconcilable and all the actions auditable to ensure transparent and long-term business relationships.

Product Highlights


User Control with Roles
& Permissions

Single window WorQ
to address all your
daily activities


Flexible Catalog

Integration with
ERP systems

Standard & Custom